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Meet FernV 


Fernweh (pronounced fern-vee) is a German word meaning "a craving for far off places" or simply wonderlust. 

The idea for the FernV community stems from a series of repetitive life experiences that led me to believe travel and an open mind can bring you a multitude of opportunities to grow, experience new things, and make genuine connections to other people. As we get older, we lose touch or grow out of relationships from our youth and it is difficult for us women to find and make real friendships. Women's friendships are based off of vulnerability and shared stories, but how can we connect on such a deep level with strangers in order to build connections like these? This is the overall concept behind the platform FernV was built on. Through our online AND in person community, we will all be able to build connections, keep in touch, and experience new beautiful things together!!


Hi All,

I am Heather, the owner and creator of FernV. I am so excited to build this community and get to know you! I started this business because of my own need for more meaningful friendships with other women and also my constant battle of always looking for women I can travel with.


If you look around and see that everyone you talk to has a similar problem with no solution in sight, it makes you wonder why there hasn't been a community like this offered sooner.


We welcome all women to join and I encourage you to reach out to me with any questions, concerns, ideas, or even to stop in and say hello!

Love from the original FernV girl 




in your city

Our monthly events will be held locally in your city with a max of 2 days for the event. These will be our most affordable options and our most initmate groups with spots available for 6-12 women each month depending on the event. The location may change on a monthly basis, but the structure of these events will mostly stay the same creating a relaxed and open environment.

out of your element

Our quarterly events will be held in locations that may be new to many of you and potentially hours away from your city. These trips will be anywhere from 3 to 5 days and likely over an extended weekend. These will have anywhere from 8 to 15 spots available to register depending on the specific locations. These events will all have a different theme with experiences designed to  get you out of your comfort zone, challenge you, and allow you to form bonds with the other women on the trips.


Financial assistance will be available for up to 20% of those who register. Please send me an email or fill out a financial assistance form for more information.

the great escape

Our longest trip offered. These annual trips will be resort style and last a full week at a specific destination. The destination itself will be voted on and decided by our very own members! There will be spots available for up to 25 women and financial assistance is always available for up to 20% of those who register. Please send me an email or fill out a financial assistance form for more information.


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